As fourth generation customs brokers, we’ve grown alongside the first international truck shipments from Canada to and from the U.S. Through every policy change and new regulation added over the years, we’ve mastered clearing obstacles for even the most perishable and sensitive items.



In the time-sensitive, 24/7 world of exporting perishable goods, every second counts. Our advanced tools allow ag exporters to process bulk shipments in a fraction of the time the industry considers standard. And, 98 percent of the time, we confirm Entry and FDA Prior Notice within 10 minutes of receipt. Metrics like those mean more deliveries in less time with fewer complications.

Food Shipments


Timeliness, accuracy, and safety requirements go hand-in-hand with food and beverage shipments. ITS is uniquely poised for clearing perishables through customs every time with systems that allow all shipments to be validated prior to reaching the border. We also provide seamless coordination for multiple shipping sites and provide real-time communication and status updates. The supply chain could not be better informed than with our industry-specific tools.


Natural Resources/Minerals  

Customs is just one small part of a long supply chain for minerals and natural resources. Handing off the logistics of your customs work means high degrees of accuracy and efficiency with minimal involvement from your staff. Flexibility is also an ITS trademark. Whether your shipments are initiated from the field or from an office, you can be certain they’ll be compliant by the time they reach the border and ready to offload at destination.



Because yours is a highly regulated industry, ITS helps you maintain a clean compliance record by staying ahead of constantly changing laws. We work directly with energy companies and their compliance firms by building collaborative, transparent processes that allow us to keep all parties abreast of activity at every stage of the customs process. The result: smooth advancement of your shipments—and your company reputation.

A 15-minute look at the ITS technology platform and you’ll understand how simple the customs process can be.

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