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Our breakthrough approach to customs allows you to move beyond risk mitigation to a mindset of business expansion.


We’ve anticipated potential risks, found hidden inefficiencies and redefined the customs brokerage process. It’s an approach that’s changed the business landscape for our clients and earned us something unprecedented in the industry: 100% customer retention.

4th Generation Customs Brokers | 100% Client Retention | 25% of Staff Licensed Brokers | Top 25 U.S. Customs Brokers

Trailblazing Technology

While the international trade industry is not typically known for its progressive technology, our proprietary software, Xport, is a clear exception.

Proactive protocols have been built in to mitigate potential risks, increase accuracy and improve efficiency. With Xport as the engine, our clients find themselves 3X more productive than with previous processes.

Learn more about the technology platform that changes everything.

From Pioneers to Pacesetters

Four generations ago, the Wood family started brokering customs for rail shipments crossing the Canadian border. Since then we’ve grown to consistently be recognized as a “Top 25 U.S. Broker”.

Even so, we’re not the biggest customs broker in the nation. That’s intentional. Our business model involves loading the company with resourceful experts and creating tools and technology that allow ITS and its clients to do more with less.

That model allows us to scale up or down, equally reducing risk for large enterprises and small operations.

Experienced, Empowered Advocates

Because we treat each shipment as if it were our own, ITS staff rally around a relentless pursuit of the perfect border crossing every time. And they have the expertise and tools to accomplish that goal.

Our signature empowered staffing model includes:

  • Compliance experience—22-year average
  • Licensed customs brokers—20% of staff
  • Certified customs specialists—40% of staff
  • 24/7 availability for clients

A 15-minute look at the ITS technology platform and you’ll understand how simple the customs process can be.

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