Movement means money. Delays and compliance issues do not.

We’ll keep you moving with services that utilize our proactive business protocols and technology, plus customs expertise that’s relevant to your industry and accessible to your staff.

US Customs

Once you hand off a shipment to our team of experts, consider it cleared.

Shippers often consider occasional service failures a given. We disagree. Our Pro Forma Wizard streamlines data entry to eliminate errors and significantly reduce paperwork. Advanced validations, reviews and classifications reduce your liability long before your shipment reaches the border.

ITS built its systems in the ACE era so our processes and technology match CBP’s systems.

Canadian Customs

CBSA: ITS Customs Brokers builds compatibility into our processes so importers need not encounter any extra paperwork or uncertainty. Even if CBSA can’t keep up, ITS keeps you up to date on your shipment.

USMCA Renewal

The United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, commonly known as USMCA or CUSMA, is a free trade agreement executed between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a successor to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

ITS offers its clients FREE creation and storage of USMCA/CUSMA certificates of origin. Because we’re experts in the laws (we’ve done this every day since the NAFTA was passed in 1994) and we know our clients well, you can rest assured this piece of international business is checked off your list.

Trade Compliance

The ITS compliance team has more than 15 years experience navigating customs regulations, the Harmonized Tariff System, USMCA, and the requirements of other U.S. government agencies. One thing they’ve learned: expect the unexpected.

Their expertise is infused into every ITS process which helps address a potential problem before you even know it exists. Our clients find compliance access excellent and compliance information even better.

EDI/Data Services

Less manual entry of information means less room for error. Translators built into our proprietary technology accept data from nearly every type of file format—CVS files, EDI, Excel spreadsheets, even PDF—and turn it into customs-compliant documents.

The result is fewer keystrokes, decreased processing times and more time to focus on other business tasks.

Business Process Services

By focusing on specific import industries, ITS has developed expertise in process improvement and regulatory management.

Often, we’ll adjust our business processes to accommodate yours. On the other hand, if we see practices that could improve your customs-related efficiency and/or accuracy, we share that information and can even help you implement best practices in your organization. Give us the opportunity to review your existing process and we’ll provide our recommendations at no cost.

A 15-minute look at the ITS technology platform, and you’ll understand how simple the customs process can be.

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