In developing our proprietary ITS Xport™ software, we rejected what the customs industry considers “business as usual.” In place of redundancy, uncertainty, and outdated processes, is a platform that redefines how customs is done.

  • Streamlining the entire customs experience—at the point of origin, en route and at the border
  • Providing you visibility into the entire process
  • Saving you time and improving accuracy
  • Giving you assurance your loads are passing through customs

Advanced review means smooth sailing at the border

By using our advanced review system, your load gets validated before it leaves the point of origin. Xport automatically sends shipment details seconds after input. You receive your pre-certification and confirmation numbers within 10 minutes.

Shipment notifications keep you informed

When using Xport software, you choose points along the way and we’ll send you—and the carrier or delivery site—an email or text message with updates. When your load is in transit, you’ll be in the know. When it reaches its destination, your team will already know the load is ready to offload.

Single source data input eliminates errors

The Xport Pro Forma Wizard lets you quickly input information once—information that is otherwise keyed in multiple times by multiple people; increasing processing time and opportunities for error. From that single data entry point, Xport creates docs for:

  • U.S. Customs Entry
  • FDA Prior Notice
  • USDA APHIS Declaration of Importation
  • ACE eManifest
  • Other government agencies, as required

Use your existing system via hybrid EDI

The ITS integration team can convert almost any data from any system to reduce your time involved in document preparation. Integrations help your carriers cut processing time and eliminate input errors.

Efficiency is built into every stage of the ITS process and every module of the Xport technology platform.

  • 98% of the paperwork required for shipment is fully pre-certified in 10 minutes, shaving hours off your workload.
  • The ITS Pro Forma Wizard fulfills multiple requirements with one input.
  • Validations are done before your shipment leaves, eliminating unnecessary delays.
  • Should there be an error in paperwork transmission, ITS attempts a resolution on your behalf. If we’re unable, you’ll receive instant notification.
  • Advanced product review and classification reduces liability.

The Xport technology platform acts like a web application, communicating with the ITS data center.

But unlike cloud-based or website applications, Xport functions even without internet connectivity, keeping your shipments on schedule.

  • The Xport client server allows you to work offline.
  • Rail shipments can be entered in bulk—up to a full unit train—in three minutes.
  • Shippers can easily monitor shipment status with text or email updates.
  • Supplemental reports are available upon request:
    • End of Day reports
    • Custom and FDA Exception reports

By pooling expertise from customs brokers, compliance experts, carriers and shippers, Xport builds in safeguards for uptime and accuracy.

  • Xport has a 99.99% uptime record.
  • Built-in protocols allow us to push out frequent updates so your shipments comply with the latest regulations.
  • Military-grade encryption secures data and backs it to our servers. That means your exporting data is always available to you, even if you have computer problems.
  • Xport meets the 5-year Customs Record Keeping requirement.
  • Data entry errors are reduced significantly by reducing the number of times data is input and validating it against additional resources.
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